T-Series RacesThe T-Series races have a new home – Challenge Running  

As you know for the last 5 years the T-Series races have been run by Liz and Gareth under the T-Series company name. These races are the T50, T60, T100 and T184.

You also know that due to the Covid-19 situation and current restrictions the 2020 races have unfortunately been cancelled or postponed.  

Liz and Gareth have decided that it is time for the races to move forward under new ownership and direction. We were approached and agreed to take ownership to ensure the races continue into the future.  

We like the route and concept of the race and believe it should continue to be held although we will put in place some minor changes to the format, management and organisation of the events to bring them into the family of our already existing events such as the iconic Thames Ring 250.  

At Challenge Running we have a reputation for well organised challenges with great support, medals and value for money. This will continue with the T-Series races.  

Currently we are working out the details for next year’s events and we will confirm next year’s dates to all deferred entrants from this year and begin planning for the events as soon as possible. We will keep you informed.  

Please give us a couple of weeks to confirm next year’s dates and open the entries for 2021.   The current T-Series website and email addresses will be wound down in the next few weeks and will exist till September to redirect people to the www.challenge-running.co.uk website. Then they will close for good.  

The fb page will also operate until September to redirect people and pass on details of the new location for event info.   Over the coming weeks all race details and info will begin to be available on Challenge Running’s website and social media platforms such as our fb page, twitter and Instagram pages. https://www.facebook.com/ChallengeRunning/  

We are looking forwards to seeing you at a T-Series event in the future under the Challenge Running banner.  

Any questions please email admin@challenge-Running.co.uk  

Lindley Chambers