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A key feature of T-Series races is the challenge of completing the event ‘self-supported’ although we also offer full race support (see details below).

For T-Series events ‘self-supported’ means that competitors must carry all of their clothing, equipment and food for the duration of the entire race from the start to the end of the race. 

Competitors will not be permitted to purchase, acquire or receive food supplies or receive external assistance during the race.

In addition support crews or pacers are not permitted during this event (although supporters are welcome to cheer on competitors at the designated checkpoints).

However, competitors will be supplied with additional water supplies only at each checkpoint.


2015 T60 Self Supported

Despite the self-supported nature of the race, competitors will have the T-Series race support available to them. T-Series events provides competitors with the following support and services.

For the T100 & T184 Challenges your race entry includes entry to the pre-race ‘Pasta Party’.

A Go-Tek GPS device enabling real time tracking of individuals through a web enabled device for the duration of the event.


Regular Checkpoints manned by a team of volunteers to provide competitors with water supplies, security (if sleeping at a checkpoint) and morale support during their adventure.

Race support for competitors. In the unfortunate event of someone having to retire from the race we will arrange to collect competitors, reunite them with their drop bag and then transport them to the nearest rail station.

Transportation of competitors drop bags (typically containing spare clothes for the end of the race) from the start to the end of the race.

And of course the finishers Medal & T-Shirt for those who successfully complete the event.

In addition, entry to one of the T-Series Challenges also includes free attendance at the T1 Workshop.