T-Series have partnered with ENDURE to provide a greater range of endurance races.  This will enable all running abilities to take on ultra running challenges and assist in the preparation training for all the T-Series racing.

Partnering with ENDURE gives runners a wide choice of events to suit their needs and desired Challenges.

Please visit the ENDURE website for more information here

ViMove Logo Black Bgrd copy

ViMOVE is a wireless sensor technology that objectively measures human movement and turns the information into actionable data.  TSeries Racing founder, Shane Benzie, utilises ViMOVE technology as part of his Technique Analysis and Coaching practices and we are pleased to introduce them as a TSeries Partner.

Go Tek

TSeries have partnered with GoTEK7 who will provide competitors with a individual GPS device to be carried for the duration of the Race.

This device enables all web enabled devices (including Apple and Android devices) to track competitors progress in real time.

This will enable family and friends to track an individual competitor during the event and supporters can watch a virtual race unfold from the comfort of their home.  Competitors now have an added pressure knowing the world is watching their performance on the iconic Thames Path.

Please visit the Go TEK7 website for more information here