Shane Benzie Profile

Running Coach, Movement Specialist and Researcher

Shane Benzie is the founder of Running Reborn, a running technique coach, movement specialist and researcher. He has many years experience in outdoor fitness. His experience spans running, trekking and climbing in the Himalaya, Karakoram and mountains of northern India at altitudes of up to 6000 meters and temperatures down to -30, deserts to +50 and jungles with humidity up to 100% in countries such as Mozambique, Vietnam, Cambodia, Burma and the Amazon.

Over the last six years Shane has concentrated on ultra and multi-day running events. He has completed a number of 50 and 100 mile ultra runs including the Grand Union Canal Race at 145 miles, this was completed unsupported carrying all food and equipment taking only water from checkpoints.

He has also completed the Marathon Des Sables (a 6 day self-supported race across the Sahara Desert) and more recently completed the 184 mile Thames Path solo. This was undertaken unsupported and was in preparation for the launch of T184 Endurance Race, a new ultra race and part of the T-Series events organised by T-Series Racing.

During this time Shane has focussed on coaching and spent time in the US and the UK studying and qualifying as a running technique coach and movement specialist. He works with clients teaching a running form that concentrates on energy efficiency and reducing the effects of impact on the runner’s body. This running form can be utilised by all runners from elite to complete beginners.

He brings with him a unique approach to coaching running technique, concentrating on natural movement and in particular the fascial system which is responsible for posture, proprioception of the foot, elastic recoil and the production of elastic energy in the body. This natural approach is backed up with technology that is also unique to technique analysis, allowing laboratory quality analysis to take place in the natural environment.

Shane spends time in Ethiopia, Kenya and Uganda working with coaches and athletes on gait analysis projects and the study of their running dynamics. This research is invaluable when it comes to understanding the body’s natural movement and how to coach these techniques. This research is carried out in conjunction with Kent University, working with the athletes in both the laboratory and the track environment when they are racing in Europe. The collaboration with Kent University also includes on-going research into coaching intervention and the effects of endurance events on competitors, this research is carried out in the UK and in extreme environments covering extreme heat, cold, humidity and altitude.

Shane also works with the Ministry of Defence and Pace, consulting on creating balance and symmetry for amputees as they embark on their running career, he also works with blind runners working on visualisation and posture.

Shane specialises in coaching a running form that focuses on efficiency and the reduction of the effects of impact on the body and uses the innovational ViMove analysis to understand your symmetry and balance of movement, this is complemented by 360 degree analysis of the whole body, there is no remote coaching and no mileage plans, it’s all about one to one work on how you move your body.

Shane uses this experience to work with Ultra runners of all abilities from GB athletes, runners coming back from injury and those looking to get into running for the first time, whatever your level of fitness or experience Shane can work with you to meet your ultra running goals.

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