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T-Series Racing offer a variety of challenging self supported ultra marathon events in the UK. The theme of all T-Series races is the goal to complete these events on foot, non-stop and self-supported carrying all of your own food and equipment (water is provided) from the start of the race to the end.

Our partnership with Go-Tek provides individual real time race tracking via their GPS devices. Supporters can watch your journey unfold minute by minute as you progress towards the finish from their comfort of their own home. Never before has a race been as interactive as a T-Series event.

We believe the T-Series events offers a perfect opportunity for those people looking for some long distance challenges.



If you would like to get in touch with us, we can be contacted as follows:

Mobile: +44 7831 755007 (Shane)

Telephone: +44 7747 090309 (Liz)

Email: tseriesracing@gmail.com

Twitter: @tseriesracing

Facebook Group: Click Here

Shane Benzie Profile


Shane Benzie brings with him a wealth of experience in outdoor fitness including climbing, running, diving and trekking. Over the last few years Shane has concentrated on ultra and multi-day events, taking them on completely self supported (taking only water) including the Grand Union Canal Race, Marathon Des Sables and the length of the Thames Path solo and unaided in preparation for the launch of T184.

Shane has spent time in the US and UK qualifying as a running technique coach. He now works with runners of all abilities, teaching them a running form that concentrates on energy efficiency and injury prevention.

Details of Shane’s coaching services can he found at www.runningreborn.co.uk

2016 Liz Fretwell


Liz joins the T-Series with a passion for running and wants to support like-minded athletes succeed in the fantastic T-Series events.

Over the years, Liz has run the London Marathon, Oxford and Reading Half-Marathons but her favourite distance is 100km having run the Thames Path Challenge and a number of Endure 24 events.

Not limiting herself to the UK running scene, Liz has ventured further afield and competed in the Tenerife Bluetrail and the Great Wall of China Half-Marathons.