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May 2015 – T-Series Racing News

T60 Night Race

The 2015 T60 Night Race took part last weekend which saw last years winner Ollie Stotten once again come home in 1st place in a new course record time of 10:00. Karen Hathaway was 2nd overall and 1st Lady finishing in 10:27

The T60 Night Race results can be found here and the event report will be posted in the next few days.


T60 Night Race Official Photographs

These are currently being prepared and will be loaded to the website shortly for viewing and downloading. Here’s a sneak preview of one of the photos.

2015 T60 Night Race Giles Heekes 00


Summit Fever Partnership

The T-Series team are very excited to working with Summit Fever Media to produce a film for T184 Endurance Race and we look forward to working with their team on other T-Series races and new projects to come.

2015 Summit Fever Media T-Series Racing



January 2015 – T-Series Racing News

Welcome to the new T-Series Racing website, the home for the T60 Night Race, T100 Unsupported Race and T184 Endurance Race, we hope you enjoy the new website look.


January 2015 – T-Series Newsletter

T-Series Newsletter - January 2015

The January 2015 T-Series Newsletter has been released providing an update on our plans and events for the year. If you haven’t received a copy of this you can download it here.


Beyond the Ultimate – New Race Partner

Beyond the Ultimate 02 600x450

We are excited to be working with Beyond the Ultimate, who offer a series of challenging ultra marathon events around the world.

Beyond the Ultimate and T-Series races are working together in a research capacity, combining two sets of different footraces as an exciting platform for cutting edge and currently un-matched research.

The benefits of this research is delivered back to the running community within months of the findings being established, in the form of workshops and kit demonstrations.

Beyond the Ultimate Ultras offer tough footraces which are absolutely full of adventure.

The four races that make up the series are the Jungle Ultra in Peru, the Mountain Ultra in Nepal, the Desert Ultra in Namibia and the Ice Ultra in Arctic Sweden. Whether you are in it to win or finish, these footraces will test you in ways you never thought possible, expect the unexpected.

The Ultimate Ultras aren’t just a series of races, they are a set of 4, amazing, life changing adventures that will absolutely rock your world!

For further details please visit


T184 Endurance Run News

Jungle Ultra 600x450

We have some exciting news regarding the T184 Endurance Race.

Thanks to our race partners Beyond the Ultimate, the winner of the 2015 T184 Endurance Race will win free entry into the 2016 Jungle Ultra event which was recently featured on the Channel 5 documentary Race to the Pole series (details here)



Finally, a brief reminder that we have a new Twitter account for all T-Series news and updates which can be found here or @tseriesracing