2016 T1 Workshop 01 The 2016 T1 Workshop took place on a glorious day at the Swan in Streatley where 25-30 T-Series runners gathered to participate in a series of running related sessions. After a brief introduction from Paul Ali, Dave Cox (2 x T184 Finisher) gave an overview of his personal kit and equipment selection for the T184 races which included some useful tips and advice based on Dave’s tried and tested approach. 2016 T1 Workshop 06 Corinna Kehaya then presented a short overview of the research studies which are being completed in conjunction with the T60 & T184 races with an invite for 2016 to participate if they wish. Javed Bhatti, who has gained a reputation for undertaking some extremely long endurance challenges was the subject of an interview type session where he talked about his training and preparation for these types of events with a particular focus on how he prepares his mindset for each race. We are sure Javed inspired a few people with his thoughtful and articulate insights. Following a break for lunch Jerry Hunter (2015 T60 & 2015 T184 Finisher) gave an honest appraisal of his T-Series experience from his disappointments in 2014 to his successes in 2015 and shared his own experience of what he changed during these years. 2016 T1 Workshop 03 Jerry’s presentation can be found here for those who are interested. Corinna then provided an interim update on the Research Studies and whilst data gathering is still taking place to provide a greater robustness of results some of the early learnings and anecdotal evidence was discussed by the group. 2016 T1 Workshop 04 Shane Benzie provided a short overview on running technique and touched on some of the work he undertakes as a Running Technique Coach and elements of good practice. The day closed with a short Question and Answer session on T-Series races and covered a few questions about the format and rules. Thank you to everyone who came along to the workshop, it was great to see some old faces and some knew and we hope you found the day to be useful. 2016 T1 Workshop 05